Friday, June 29, 2012

So first I started out with a canvas, some modge podge, and a box of crayons
I glued them alllll together, if you know what I mean

Then I got out my handy dandy blow dryer and started melting!!!!
(It's suuper easy!!)

This is after about 3 minutes of blow drying,
this craft is really easy and really quick!!

And this is the ending look, although I always add my own touch,
(a.k.a. the black flower in the other post)

I decided to be a bit crafty late at night so I melted some crayons and painted a black flower
on the bottom :D

This is my youngest sibling, she had the cutest idea!!
She put a bow on hers!! how freakin' cute!!

Then this is my middle sibling, I also made her one, and cute as she is
she found one of my old birthday bows and stuck it right on!!
I'm surrounded by cute people!!

Look on my next post!! I'll have a tutorial for you, on how to
make these cute decorations that'll match any room!!

These are four drawer knobs on a plank of wood (if you couldn't tell)
this, however, wasn't made by me, it was a gift from my really good friend Bre
I use it to hang my necklaces :)
It's suuuuper cute in my room and super handy,
gets all the clutter out of jewelry in a jewelry box!!

So here I have a block of wood that I painted purple then I  modge podge'd some really cute paper on it
The "My Heavenly Father Loves Me Part" was printed onto the paper
then just glues on!!! It's super cute and super easy!!
Hope you give it a try!!! 

Also made at girls camp!! magnets for my suuuper cute magnet board, all they are is
dollar store see through pebbles and paper modge podge'd on the back 

Here's the back of the magnets :) pretty cool huh?

This is a magnet board I made at young women's camp, it's super easy and super fun!!!
The leaders brought us wooden boards with metal on the back
(don't ask me what kind of metal, I wouldn't know)
it took lots and lots of modge podge, as you can see I didn't use enough on the top left corner.
all I did was pick out some super cute paper that matched my room and ripped it up and
Modge podge'd it on!!
Easy right???